What You Should Know About Flying According To Air Hostesses!

Flying is really a big deal! After all, you are almost 35,000 feet in the air in scraps of metal with absolutely no guarantee of life! But flying has become as common as catching the train or the bus to travel from one city to another! So, here are some tips for flying from the flight attendants!
Read below to find out!

Flight delays are not done on purpose
The very important thing that all passengers should know as felt by the air hostesses is that the flight delays are most of the time due to passengers! And that the most helpless in such a matter is the flight attendants. A passenger trying to bring in more than four ounces of liquid past a TSA agent may have been the cause of the delay. So there is absolutely no use in shouting at the Air hostesses as they can do nothing about it!

We are tired as well!
Air hostesses also want you to know that they are absolutely over worked in most instances and therefore very tired. So you should be always bothering them with every petty issue that comes your way. Of course passengers have all the right to get all their needs fulfilled. But the air hostess complain that some passengers can be very unruly and unjust in their behavior, that they feel the need to find a better job! So unless the plane has been listed in the used aircraft for sale Australia listings and you buying it, don’t try to treat the air hostess as your private maid!

When we cut you off it is for everyone’s safety
Flight attendants relate stories that passengers who have been cut off from drinking alcohol whilst flying can get very angry and use filth! But what they want you to know is that they have been especially trained for flying and can safely tell you that 1 in the air is actually 2 whilst in the ground. And if they deny you any more drinks know that it is for everyone’s safety that they need you to be in proper conscious! So listen and what’s more you may even get the drink close to landing if you were nice to them! You will get a better deal out of it for sure if you are nice! Like the man who gets a used aircraft at much less the original price because the second hand market for private planes are quite low!

How to act in an emergency
Finally, a very important note that the air hostesses want all the passengers out there is to not panic whilst in an emergency. To always follow the instructions that they give out to you to the dot. Because they are well trained in such situations and always put passengers before themselves! For more information, please log on to http://www.utilityair.com/.aircraft-price